The first meeting is a question and answer interview to gather information about a person’s employability. This may include information about education, work and volunteer experience, health, age, length of absence from the work force, career goals, motivation and current family responsibilities.

The next meeting may include vocational testing. There are a wide variety of vocational testing methods used. These instruments cannot be passed or failed but are used to develop a profile that includes abilities and aptitudes, skills, interests, personality, decision making style and work values. You will be able to discuss the results of the assessments with the counselor to understand your profile which is helpful in several ways. It can guide someone who is uncertain focus on a career direction, uncover interests and abilities that were hidden or forgotten, and provide positive feedback on a person’s strengths or indicate where more resources may be needed.

In between appointments, you and the vocational counselor may research career or work options to gather information about job outlook, earnings, qualifications and training requirements for different job titles within an appropriate geographical area. All resources, such as information about organizations, industries, trade associations, job openings, training and education that we know of or discover are shared with you.

In the next meeting, all of the information gained in the evaluation process including client interviews, counselor observation, medical/ psychological reports, if needed, and test data are integrated and discussed with you. Your feedback is always an important part of this process.

Next steps are recommended based on both immediate and long term job or career objectives and goals, which may include several options. These steps are based on your expressed interests as well as your ability to be employed, whether or not you want to return to a previously held job or career, and the conditions of the labor market. You have the right to a fair and impartial vocational evaluation and the opportunity to review the test results and the information contained in the report.

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