Career Exploration
To discover your professional and personal career goals, we start from the inside to understand what you do best and how you want to express that in the world of work. Career Assessment tools help to quickly identify skills, values and interests and your style of interacting with others. This information will supplement our discussions to create a list of recommended career options.

Structure a Job Search
We'll break the job search process into manageable steps and develop tools to help you stay on task and track your progress. You'll learn specific resources to research industry trends, hidden jobs, and methods to deepen your connections in your chosen field.

Resume Writing and Editing
In an impactful and concise resume format, we'll create statements that highlight relevant experience, and replace industry jargon or wordy sentences that detract from your unique skills. An organized and professional resume will result in more responses from employers and attract better offers.

Interview Preparation and Coaching
We'll craft compelling answers to interview questions based on your relevant work experience and review delivery and presentation skills. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it with confidence, that demonstrates to an employer that you're the right person for the position. Practice techniques will set you up for interviewing success.

Salary Negotiation
Learn the resources to research salary levels and evaluate your financial impact so you can come to the table with convincing facts to increase your negotiating position for a raise in your current company or for a higher salary in a new position.

Outdoor Career Coaching
On an invigorating walk in San Francisco and Marin County, we talk about work issues including potential barriers, real and imagined. Taking cues from nature inspires clients to expand their thinking and approach problem solving in new, more creative ways. To retain our open-air discussions, I follow up our meetings with a summary email and written exercises to further clarify goals.

Career counseling and coaching sessions are arranged by appointment, in-person or virtually.  Call 415-250-5781 or email lisa@lisatrustin.com for a complimentary consultation.