Written Employment Plan

A Written Employment Plan is designed for an individual in a mediated, collaborative or litigated family law case who wants to create a job or career goal and a plan to achieve it.

What Is A Written Employment Plan?

The Written Employment Planning Process includes:
  • Five or more one-on-one meetings (based on the individual's needs)
  • Interviews with the individual to gather information about education, employment background, health and other relevant factors
  • Administration and interpretation of vocational assessment instruments, as appropriate
  • Coaching on researching employment options, industry trends, job availability, salaries and training resources
  • Job search structure and support
  • Resume writing, interview preparation and training
  • A Written Employment Plan that includes estimates of training and associated costs, job search time line, salary and earnings

The evaluator would be available to answer questions and present an overview of the planning process and the Written Employment Plan in a meeting (or conference call) with the parties' counsel, mediator and/or the trier of fact.

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