Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations and Expert Testimony

Employment Plans

Career Counseling for Men and Women in Transition

Vocational Evaluation

A vocational evaluation is the process used to assess a person’s current or future employability and wage earning capacity in California family law matters. The evaluation is a neutral process that describes the person’s relationship to the work world. Often a career plan is one result of the evaluation, worked out in cooperation with the person who is being evaluated.

vocational analysis

Employment Plan

A Written Employment Plan is designed for an individual in a mediated, collaborative or litigated family law case who wants to create a job or career goal and a plan to achieve it. All parties and/or counsel for each party (or mediator) should agree that career planning is appropriate for the case and relevant to the individual's circumstances.

employment plan

Career Counseling

For people who want to:

  • Re-enter the job market after an absence
  • Focus on the next career move
  • Find more success in their current position
  • Move through a difficult transition such as divorce, layoff or health issue
  • Reinvigorate a stalled job search or structure a new one
career counseling


A Brief Explanation Of
Vocational Evaluation Services

Vocational Evaluation Services in California Family Law cases provide specialized information about a person’s employability and wage earning capacity to attorneys, the parties and the courts to help the parties reach a settlement agreement about support. Vocational evaluators use their expertise and training to assess a person’s reasonable career options, future earnings, training resources, costs and duration, and job search steps to obtain employment. ...

Resume Remedy
How To Sound Like A Pro

Writing is challenging for many people and creating something personal, like a resume, can be intimidating. Hiring a resume writer can help, but the end result may not sound at all like you. Most people can do a good job writing their own if they think first about what the employer needs to know - who you are, what skills you have to do the job and what you achieved using those skills ...

How Vocational Evaluations
Can Help Settle Divorce Cases

Example of Dispute over Earnings for a Spouse Returning to Work After an Absence

If a spouse has been out of the work force for a period of time, a Vocational Evaluation can help both parties understand a person’s realistic employment prospects and earnings in the current job market.